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Benchmarking Study
Endorsed by the HCAOA

What is in the Benchmarking Study?

Industry Specific Trends

Keep up to date with trends in the home care industry; recruitment, marketing, finance, turnover, sales—it’s all here.

Articles from Industry Experts

Learn from the experts. Each section of the study features exclusive articles with powerful insights and strategies.

Recruitment & Retention

Get the turnover and recruitment data you need to make informed decisions and fight the recruitment crisis.


Access industry benchmarks and see how you stack up to the competition from a finance perspective.

Client Experience

See what data from tens of thousands of client and caregiver surveys performed by Home Care Pulse say about satisfaction.

Best of Home Care Award Winners

See which agencies earned a Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice, Employer of Choice, or Leader in Excellence award.


The Operations section provides information about client turnover rates, lifetime value of clients, and more.

Sales & Marketing

Find out what strategies are working for agencies across the country, see what sets them apart, and discover where to focus your efforts.


New for 2019, see how agencies are leveraging technology to grow and solve problems as home care evolves.

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Here’s what others in the industry have to say…

“When I started my company, one of the best things I did was sign up to provide information to the Benchmark Study. Over the years, I continually referred back to these studies to compare my growth to companies the same size as mine. I’ve learned a tremendous amount by submitting my data which in return, gives me a wealth of data about our industry.”

Tom GenettiTom Genetti, At Your Service Inc.

“Home Care Pulse’s Home Care Benchmarking Study is a tremendously vital tool for collecting agency-level data and examining the home care industry’s ever-evolving and growing footprint. With its comprehensive analysis of recruitment and retention data, sales and marketing findings, financial insights, the latest trends, and more, every home care provider would be wise to participate year after year.”

Kristen Wheeler, HCAF Director of Private Duty Services

“I always say, “What gets measured gets managed, what gets rewarded gets repeated.” The best way to understand how to measure the performance of your home care company is to participate in the annual Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse.  Download the preparation worksheet, gather your own data, and submit your data.  Then purchase a copy of the report and study the results. Use it every day to compare your company to the industry.  I have supported the annual Benchmarking Study for over a decade. I never go into the office of a home care strategy client without my copy of the benchmarking report.  It is THE source for facts and data about our industry.”

Stephen TweedStephen Tweed, Leading Home Care & The Home Care Mastermind Group

“Every home care agency should participate in the Benchmarking Study, and every home care agency should use the Benchmarking Study.”

Kunu Kaushal, CEO of Senior Solutions Home Care

“What can I say about the Home Care Benchmark study, except that it’s the best tool you can have to measure year to year growth. It is vital that all business owners know what are the best practices, the metrics, the margins, and more of other businesses in the same field. Measuring your internal performance against industry standards helps you to know your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to make decisions on how to properly scale your business by leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time. Simply put, Home Care Pulse and the information provided, is an essential tool for every home care agency year in and year out.”

Steve WeissSteve Weiss, President & CEO of Hurricane Marketing Enterprises

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2020 Home Care Benchmarking Study


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2020 Home Care Benchmarking Study


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