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2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study

The 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study

Comprehensive industry data for $149

The 2017 Home Care Benchmarking Study is the most comprehensive collection of industry data in the nation. Discover industry threats and trends and compare your company to other agencies in your region and across the country. Get tips from the industry experts and review key data to improve your business.

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Why do we publish the annual study?

At Home Care Pulse, our mission is to provide information that facilitates the success of your home care business, and ultimately helps you improve your quality of care. We provide detailed client and caregiver feedback reports through our Quality Mangement Program and industry analysis through the annual Home Care Benchmarking Study. These resources help you manage your business more effectively and make critical decisions. As you use this data to inform your business decisions, the study will change the way you think about and the way you run your company. Whether you’re new to home care or seasoned, the study will be an invaluable resource for making well-informed decisions and improving your quality of care.

2017 Study Overview

Executive Summary

Get detailed breakdowns on 2017 Survey participation and overall industry data including historical industry growth, revenue ranges, employment models, and historical owner exit strategies.


The 2017 Study includes detailed financial information on the industry. See historical and regional revenue rankings, profit & loss comparisons, sales/marketing/other expenses, payer source percentages, Medicaid revenue, billing rates, and more.

Sales & Marketing

Discover top consumer marketing sources, referral sources, why consumers choose a home care provider, what sets providers apart, threats facing providers, growth opportunities, median sales close ratios, median growth rates, acquisitions costs, and more.


Learn about service offerings, client turnover rates, client average length of service, client average lifetime value, sales per full-time employee, staffing summaries, technology in home care, Affordable Care Act actions, impacts of caregiver shortages, companionship exemption removal impacts & actions, and more.

Recruitment & Retention

Discover data that will help you recruit caregivers more effectively and retain them for longer. This section includes top recruiting methods, top recruitment sources, top reasons caregivers work for a provider, training information, caregiver turnover rates, pay ranges and wage comparisons, benefits, and more.

Client Experience

This section includes net promoter scores by region, historical industry average client satisfaction scores, historical industry average caregiver satisfaction scores, and more.

Best of Home Care Award Winners

Each year, home care businesses across the nation qualify for the prestigious Best of Home Care awards based on performance in the Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management program.  In this section, we recognize 2017 Endorsed National Providers, Leaders in Excellence award winners, and show state-by-state breakdown of the 2017 Best of Home Care award winners as of March 2017.

Articles from Industry Experts

Each section in the 2017 Study includes 23 exclusive articles from industry leaders and experts. These articles contain tips and analysis on topics such as caregiver recruitment, retention, brand development, home care technology, and more.

What’s in the 2017 Study?

2017 Home Care Caregiver Turnover Trend
Caregiver Benefits Comparison
Top Home Care Referral Marketing Sources
Home Care Weekly Billable Hours
2017 Home Care Client Turnover Rates

and much, more including…

  • Overall Participation Summaries
  • Consumer Marketing Sources
  • Referral Marketing Sources
  • Referral Sales Representative Data
  • Why Consumer Choose a Home Care Provider
  • What Sets a Provider Apart
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Top Threats Facing Providers
  • Median Sales Close Ratios
  • Inquiry Tracking Comparison
  • Median Client Growth Rates
  • Media Client Acquisition Costs
  • Top Methods for Recruiting Caregivers
  • Recruitment Sources
  • Top Reasons Caregiver Work for a Provider
  • Caregiver Training
  • Caregiver Turnover Rates
  • Caregiver Recognition
  • Caregiver Pay Ranges
  • Caregiver Value
  • Caregiver Wages Comparison
  • Office Staff Benefits
  • Revenue Percentile Rankings
  • Median Revenue
  • Profit & Loss Comparisons
  • Sales & Marketing Expenses
  • Revenue Generated by Service Offerings
  • Payer Source Percentages
  • Historical Government Programs
  • Medicaid Revenue
  • Weekly Billable Hours
  • Billing Rates
  • Service Offerings
  • Client Turnover Rates
  • Client Average Length of Service
  • Staffing Summary
  • Technology
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Audits
  • Industry Net Promoter Score
  • Client Satisfaction Analysis
  • Industry Caregiver Engagement Score
  • Caregiver Satisfaction Analysis

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Annual Home Care Benchmarking Study

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