2019 Spring Edition SnapShot Report

The SnapShot will give you a preview of the rich insights found in the Spring Edition of the 2019 Study.

Spring Edition Home Care Benchmarking Study

2019 Spring Edition SnapShot Report

The SnapShot will give you a preview of the rich insights found in the Spring Edition of the 2019 Study.


In the evolving home care space having the right information to inform your strategic direction is essential. The Spring Edition of the 2019 Study features powerful insights on finance, recruitment & retention, and client & caregiver experience to help your agency rise above home care challenges both new and old. This year’s study includes analysis of survey response data from more than 1100 agencies representing $1.6 billion in annual revenue, and insights from satisfaction surveys with 200,000+ clients and caregivers from agencies.

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Spring Edition Home Care Benchmarking Study
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Historical Participation
Participation Years in Business
US & Canada Participation

What else is in the Executive Summary?

  • Historical Total Participation

  • Historical New Provider of Growth – 5 Year Range

  • Historical Participation by Provider Type

  • Historical Participation by Years in Business

  • Participation by U.S. State & Canada

  • Participation by Revenue Range

  • Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program Users

  • Participation by Participant Position Title

  • Membership Association

  • Masters Participation by Provider Type

  • Masters Participation by Number of Locations

  • Masters Participation by Population Served

  • Masters Participation by Years in Business

  • Masters Participation by Geographic Region


The data in this section is designed to help you understand what other agencies are doing to succeed, which practices are most common, and which challenges are most relevant to your geographic region. It also provides information to help analyze competitive offerings for benefits and types of training that are being offered, enabling you to create your own unique strategy for improving the caregiver experience.

Impact of Shortages
Median Turnover
Hourly CG pay ranges

What else is in Recruitment & Retention?

  • Caregiver Recruitment Sources/Methods

  • Reasons Caregivers Choose to Work for a Provider

  • Threats Facing Home Care Providers

  • Impact of Caregiver Shortages

  • Hiring Conversions

  • Hiring Ratios

  • Caregiver Turnover Rates

  • Lifetime Value of a Caregiver

  • Hourly Caregiver Pay Ranges

  • Live-In Caregiver Pay Ranges

  • Caregiver Wages Comparison

  • Orientation Training Hours

  • Ongoing Training Hours

  • Professional Training Program

  • Providing Employee Benefits


The Finance section provides insight into the financial workings of home care providers in the home care industry. It contains many data points dealing with revenue, expenses, billing rates, and payer sources. The insights in this section are useful in comparing the finances of your business relative to the finances of other providers in your region, your revenue range, or the industry as a whole.

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Spring Edition Home Care Benchmarking Study
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Median Revenue
Profit and Loss
Service Billing Method

What else is in Finance?

  • Revenue Percentile Rankings

  • Median Revenue

  • Revenue Growth

  • Profit & Loss Comparison

  • Sales & Marketing Expenses

  • Recruitment & Retention Expenses

  • Revenue Generated by Service Offerings

  • Payer Source Percentage of Revenue

  • Weekly Billable Hours

  • Service Billing Methods

  • Billing Rates

  • Offering Live-In Care


Much of the information in this section is taken from Home Care Pulse’s Satisfaction Management Program, where each month we conduct over 14,000 live, telephone surveys with clients and caregivers of home care providers. This section is designed to introduce you to the client experience, and how you can improve their experience with your home care business; thereby, improving their quality of living.

Client Satisfaction
Reasons Clients Discontinued Services
Caregiver Satisfaction

What else is in Client & Caregiver Experience?

  • Satisfaction Management Case Studies

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Overall Client Satisfaction

  • Reasons Clients Discontinued Services

  • Top Complaints from Clients

  • Caregiver Engagement Score (CES)

  • Overall Caregiver Satisfaction

  • Top Complaints from Caregivers


In this section, you will find all things pertaining to the Best of Home Care® Awards, a listing of all the award-winning home care providers of the 2018 Best of Home Care Awards. The awards given are Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Leader in Excellence, which is the most prestigious award given to those providers who received top ratings from both their clients and caregivers. The Best of Home Care Section is meant to be a recognition of those top performing home care providers.

Leader in Excellence Stats

What else is in Best of Home Care®?

  • Leader in Excellence

  • Provider of Choice

  • Employer of Choice

  • Endorsed National Providers

  • Award Requirements

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