2019 Fall Edition SnapShot Report

The SnapShot will give you a preview of the rich insights found in the Fall Edition of the 2019 Study.

2019 Fall Edition SnapShot Report

The SnapShot will give you a preview of the rich insights found in the Fall Edition of the 2019 Study.

Fall Edition Snapshot Report


The Executive Summary provides an overview of survey participation for the 2019 Study and is included in both the Spring and Fall Edition.

View the Spring Edition SnapShot to see an overview of the Executive Summary.

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What else is in the Executive Summary?

  • Historical Total Participation

  • Historical New Provider of Growth – 5 Year Range

  • Historical Participation by Provider Type

  • Historical Participation by Years in Business

  • Participation by U.S. State & Canada

  • Participation by Revenue Range

  • Home Care Pulse Satisfaction Management Program Users

  • Participation by Participant Position Title

  • Membership Association

  • Masters Participation by Provider Type

  • Masters Participation by Number of Locations

  • Masters Participation by Population Served

  • Masters Participation by Years in Business

  • Masters Participation by Geographic Region


The Operations section of the 2019 Home Care Benchmarking Study provides information about client turnover rates, staffing summaries, annual salaries for staff members, and other similar topics. This information can help you when making decisions that might affect the day-to-day operations of your business.

Specialty Services Offered
Client Average Lifetime Value

What else is in Operations?

  • Service Offerings

  • Client Turnover Rates

  • Client Average Length of Service

  • Client Average Lifetime Value

  • Sales per Full-Time Employee

  • Caregivers to Care Coordinator Ratio

  • Top Threats

  • Staffing Summary

  • Office Staff Turnover

  • Office Staff Benefits


The Sales and Marketing section contains a wide array of information about client acquisition, including the top channels for consumer marketing and referral marketing. Home care agencies use a variety of strategies and channels to find new clients; this section dissects the use of these strategies and helps provide insight into the marketing methods that are available.

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Top 10 Consumer Marketing Sources
Top Reasons Why Consumers Chose a Provider
Inquiry Tracking Comparison

What else is in Sales & Marketing?

  • Consumer Marketing Sources

  • Referral Marketing Sources

  • Why Consumer Choose a Home Care Provider

  • What Sets a Provider Apart

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Internet Marketing

  • Inquiry Tracking Comparison

  • Median Sales Close Ratios & Numbers

  • Median Client Growth Rates

  • Median Client Acquisition Costs

  • Online Lead Generation

  • Employed Sales Representative

  • Reputation Management

  • Competitive Differentiation


New technology is taking the home care space by storm, changing and shaping every aspect of the business from client care to marketing. This first-ever Technology Section of the Benchmarking Study focuses on how home care agencies are using these new technologies and highlights future opportunities and possibilities.

Technologies used by Provider
Applicant Tracking System - Caregiver Turnover

What else is in Technology?

  • Social Media

  • After-Hour Answering Service

  • Scheduling Software

  • Applicant Tracking System


This Recruitment and Retention section, which is designed to add additional insights on top of the insights from the original Recruitment and Retention section in the Spring Edition, focuses on the factors that lead to turnover and provides more in-depth data on the strategies that lead to successful recruitment and retention.

Caregiver Acquisition Cost

What else is in Recruitment & Retention?

  • Caregiver Acquisition Costs

  • Caregiver Turnover Rates

  • Caregiver Benefits

  • Overtime Pay

  • Caregiver Recognition

  • Caregiver Training

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