The 2014 Survey is now closed! Thank you to everyone who participated this year!
There are many reasons to participate in this year’s Private Duty Benchmarking Study. Here is a list of our top ten:

Colored numbers_B01 You’ll get your 2014 Personalized Report, provided free by Home Care Pulse, Rosemark System by Shoshana Technologies, and Aventis Healthcare International, after completing the survey.
Colored numbers_B02 With your Personalized Report, you’ll see your business’s Key Performance Indicators, like profit & loss, caregiver turnover, client growth and more.
Colored numbers_B04 Pre-order the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study” (to be released this April) at 40% off with the special promo code you’ll receive after participating.
Colored numbers_B03 Participating is a unique opportunity to take a serious look at your how your business is doing and set goals for the coming year.
Colored numbers_B05 Filling out the Prep Worksheet helps you get your business’s most important information for the year 2013 in one place.
Colored numbers_B06 If you participated in last year’s survey, you’ll see your historical comparisons in your Personalized Report.
Colored numbers_B07 You can complete the survey in less than 15 minutes when you fill out the Prep Worksheet in advance.
Colored numbers_B08 You’ll be able to compare your Personalized Report against national and regional benchmarks from the 2014 Study.
Colored numbers_B09 If you participate this year, you’ll see your historical comparisons next year in your Personalized Report.
Colored numbers_B10 Your contribution will help set the bar for one of the nation’s fastest growing industries.