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If you would like to get a better preview of what is contained in the “2015 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” the 2015 SnapShot Report provides a 21-page sample. The SnapShot Report is not a summary of the 2015 Study, but rather a sample of the many sections. We hope you find the data and information in the SnapShot Report useful and learn more about what the 2015 Study has to offer.

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  • Introduction: “The Year of the Caregiver”
  • Overall Participation Summary
  • Leader Participation Summary
  • Featured Article: “HCAOA: Strengthening the Home Care Industry to…”
  • Endorsed National Providers
  • Leader in Excellence Award Winners
  • Provider of Choice Award Winners
  • Employer of Choice Award Winners
  • Featured Article: “Awards Mean Nothing if Nobody Knows You Have Them”
  • Featured Article: “Using Technology to Drive Marketing Efforts…”
  • Revenue Percentile Rankings
  • Historical Median Revenue
  • Profit & Loss Comparisons
  • Sales & Marketing and Other Expenses
  • Revenue Generated by Service Offerings
  • Payer Source Percentage
  • Historical Government Programs
  • Medicaid Revenue Percentage
  • Weekly Billable Hours
  • Billing Rates
  • Featured Article: “Knowing your Numbers Translates to Big Revenue Growth…”
  • Featured Article: “The Revolving Door of Clients and Its Impact on a Sale”
  • Introducing Sales & Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing Sources
  • Referral Sources
  • Referral Source Marketing Methods
  • Referral Sales Reps
  • Why Consumers Choose a Home Care Provider
  • What Sets Providers Apart
  • Threats & Growth Opportunities
  • Median Sales Close Ratios & Numbers
  • Inquiry Tracking Comparison
  • Median Client Growth Rates
  • Median Client Acquisition Costs
  • Featured Article: “To Network, or Not to Network? That is the Question”
  • Featured Article: “Quality Is King in Home Care Marketing”
  • Featured Article: “Engaging Your Home Care Team in Sales and Marketing”
  • Service Offerings
  • Client Turnover Rates
  • Client Average Lifetime Value
  • Client Average Length of Service
  • Sales per Full-Time Employee
  • Staffing Summary
  • Impact of Caregiver Shortages
  • Scheduling Software and Educational Methods
  • Affordable Care Act: Impact & Actions
  • Removal of Companionship Exemption: Impact & Actions
  • Featured Article: “Overtime and Travel: The One Two Punch”
  • Featured Article: “Technology Trends”
  • Featured Article: “The Evolving Nature of Care”
  • Top Methods for Recruiting Caregivers
  • Top Recruitment Sources
  • Top Reasons Caregivers Work for a Provider
  • Caregiver Turnover Rates
  • Caregiver Pay Ranges
  • Caregiver Wages Comparison
  • Caregivers Receiving Overtime Pay
  • Benefit Impact on Caregiver Turnover
  • Caregiver Benefits
  • Office Staff Benefits
  • Featured Article: “6 Data-Driven Recruitment Tips from the myCNAjobs…”
  • Featured Article: “Recruiting, Compliance, Referrals…”
  • Featured Article: “Recruiting & Retaining the Caregivers You Need In Order…”
  • Understanding Key Performance Benchmarks
  • Key Performance Benchmarks
  • Featured Article: “The 20/20 View of Homecare Technology”

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